Pro-Tek Adjustable Lowering Link For 2014-2020 Honda VFR-800F/FD Interceptor 800 VFR 800 F FD

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You are looking at one Pro-tek CNC fully adjustable lowering link that replaces the single stock link on a 2014-2020 Honda VFR-800F/FD Deluxe Interceptor (Pro-tek Part No. LL-290).

This link is made up of a Carbon Steel hex turnbuckle center and two hardened steel rod ends that have ball bearings with a lube free teflon race. It also comes with adjusting nuts to tighten down when the desired ride height is reached. It also has four aluminum bushings for easy fitment. These aluminum bushings inserted into the rod ends make this link the same thickness as your stock link. This means your stock bolts and nuts are retained and the locking element of the nuts will still be engaged.

Hardened Steel rod ends with teflon race are used with a carbon steel center piece to protect against binding and seizing from metal on metal corrosion when threading.

The center hex turnbuckle is carbon steel, case hardened and then zinc plated to protect against oxidation and corrosion.

Fully Adjustable Links allow you to make infinite adjustments on the fly without having to unbolt the lowering link and disassemble the rear suspension every time you raise or lower the bike. You simply loosen the nuts and turn the center piece to find the desired ride height and then re-tighten down the adjusting nuts to secure in place. Its that easy.

This kit is brand new in original packaging, manufactured in the USA, and comes complete with manufacturer warranty.  

These links come with
infinite settings that lower the bike from 1" to 5"


**Note: For Fully Adjustable Lowering Links, you may have to loosen the top and/or bottom shock bolts (without removing) to realign with link during link installation. There is wiggle room in shock bolts if shock is touching the link. However, when adjusting the bike extremely low, some bikes may need a slight amount of material removed from the bottom of the shock mount for clearance .

Suspension Link Specifications

                                                                                                                             Link Completely Closed                   Link Max Opened
   Total Length, End to End                                    6.25 inches (159mm)                     7.375 inches (187mm)
                              Total Length, Eye Center to Eye Center         4.875 inches (124mm)                   6.00   inches (152mm)

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These are
American made from solid billet aluminum and stainless steel, 100% CNC machined from a name you can trust - Pro-tek.  Pro-tek is one of the leading US manufacturers in the motorcycle industry for over 25 years.   These are not Chinese made links that are currently flooding the internet.

Pro-tek LL-290 Lowering Link Application

2014-2020 Honda VFR-800F/FD Deluxe Interceptor

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