Brake Light Pressure Switch Installation Instructions

First you remove the banjo bolt that is in there on the inside by the passenger pegs (master cylinder) and replace it with the supplied pressure bolt, which has the wire coming out of it. When you removed your stock foot pegs, there was a spring and a switch attached to wires for the rear brake light. First try to plug this switch assembly into the supplied pressure switch assembly end (white plastic). If it fits, just tape and you are done. If it doesn’t fit, you will need to cut off the stock plastic switch assembly, or otherwise remove it to expose the two wires. You will now connect these two exposed wires to the ones on the pressure switch (inside the white clip using the two supplied gold clips). It doesn’t matter which one goes where, but make a temporary connection first to ensure that your brake light works. If it does work, go ahead and attach them with the gold connectors and tape them or you can solder them for a more permanent connection.

For bare wires to white plastic assembly:

Wrap each individual wire with electrical tape first and then wrap them together. Don’t just wrap the 2 bare wires together or you will blow a fuse. Also wrapping these 2 wires up with tape if they are bare will also blow a fuse.

For switch assembly to white plastic assembly:

Just connect the two assembly pieces and tape.

Remember, there is no return spring on after-market rear sets or a brake switch. The rear brake will release on its own, so you can just toss out the springs.